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"Since I started working with Lindsey in 2011, I've noticed an apparent difference when doing sports or activites.  I feel stronger, faster, lighter and can push myself for way longer.  She has changed the game for me.  Because of my increased body awareness and control, all the activities I like are more enjoyable.   Lindsey has helped me at every stage of my training.  My current goals are injury prevention and endurance training and I'm so stoked to have her, the gym and the community at Inspiration Health for support and motivation." Jesse Richman, Personal Training Client and Class Participant


"Inspiration Health is a safe and approachable place that truly welcomes all levels of fitness.  Since meeting Lindsey a few years ago, she has been a great mentor and influence on my life.  Lindsey's extensive knowledge on fitness and wellness, combined with her positive attitude and determination is directly reflected into everything at Inspiration Health.  I look forward to going to class everyday because I know I'll accomplish a great workout and have a blast with a fun group of people."  Naomi Yamaguchi, Class Participant


"I was 60 lbs. over weight. I had no relief from back pain, was tired and lethargic and had joint problems in my ankles, wrists, knees and elbows. It was getting harder and harder for me to do all of the outdoor activities that I enjoy.  I was depressed because of my situation so I asked Lindsey what to do and she said to lose 30 lbs. I changed my diet and started working with Lindsey 3 to 4 times a week. It took me 3 months to lose the weight. She continued to coach me through the whole process. She taught me to roll for flexibility and the proper techniques for exercising. Within three months, I lost another 30 lbs. and got much stronger. My back went from being in pain 100% of the time to 20% of the time. My joint problems went away completely. Lindsey changed my life in 6 months. I’m in the best shape of my life at 42 years old."  Chad Farrell, Class Participant


"For about 3 years, Lindsey has been kicking my butt into shape with her workouts and I love it!  She's always fun to work out with and she attracts fun people too.  Lindsey has made working out and her classes something I look forward to every day.  Not to mention, she's one of the most inspirational people I've ever met.  She continues to push me, not just to jump higher or run longer, but also to live more adventurously and keep pushing myself to be something better."    Tyler Fischer, Class Participant


"Lindsey Dennis, owner of Inspiration Health, is a superb, and a fabulous person.  She is very resourceful, creative, versatile, knowledgeable and dedicated, and is always learning more.  Her training sessions are truly personalized to the situation, needs, and goals of the individual -- and very enjoyable.  Whether you are looking for long-term fitness training or a great boost while vacationing on Maui, I cannot recommend her highly enough." Anne Marie, Personal Training Client


"Lindsey's classes at Inspiration Health are perfect everyBODY! It doesn't matter your age, strength or fitness level because Lindsey will adjust each workout station specifically for your needs. She is extremely knowledgeable in health and wellness and she always wants to help you feel your absolute best. She will challenge you and push you to do things out of your comfort zone, which in the end are very rewarding! Her classes are super fun, the other participants are great to workout with, and you'll be sure to leave red-faced and dripping sweat! ."  Kelly Walsh, Class Participant



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